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„Together we are strong!“

Europe meets MENA (Middle East and North Africa) meets Europe

Towards of Empowerment of Girls in Europe & North Africa

50 women from diverse countries will come together in Frankfurt on the Main (Germany) to meet for a common event of 8 days.

They will experience an interesting program: getting trainings on aspects of girls-empowerment, taking part in local activities for girls, using open space to learn from each other, networking among each other as well as with professionals from all over Germany.

The program will be developed according to the needs of the partner- organizations and participants (investigated in advance) as well as out of the knowledge and experience of the involved trainers (collected in former international projects). It will also include personal reflection of own life- experiences and attitudes towards gender-aspects as a base for professional work with girls.

Finally all the participants will join a conference on the work with girls as well as building up networks and (international) future projects.

„Together we are strong!“

Erasmus+ KA1 2015

youth workers mobility & German ministry of  foreign affaires Frankfurt municipality

Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

4-12 October 2015

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