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Partners: Armenia, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Morocco and Russia.

Description: In the end of July, 5 young people (including a group leader) with different cultural backgrounds from 6 countries (Armenia, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Morocco and Russia) will gather in Morocco for exchange. The youth with different cultural backgrounds will share different information about possibilities for development for youngsters from problematic regions and with specific background because more often this category is discriminated and have fewer opportunities for very simple things from education till health care. Theory of intercultural Learning will be presented focusing on culture and learning ­ different, but interconnected topics. Different definitions of culture, types of learning process, differences between cognitive, emotional and behavioral learning will be presented as well as concepts of formal, non­formal and informal learning. Emphasize will be on Non­formal learning, its’ methodology and role in youth work. And also this event will be great opportunity to raise awareness towards ERASMUS+ and build partnership between participant countries and create new projects in framework ERASMUS+.

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