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As part of the project "Read, count, get to know the world" - the development program of the Primary School No. 172 in Łódź (project no. WND-POKL.09.01.02-10-061 / 13, contract for co-financing No. UDA-POKL.09.01.02-10 -061 / 13-00), the Publica Fides Foundation realized classes in:

  • consultancy and pedagogical-psychological care for pupils and students of grades IV-VI Primary School No.172

  • educational and vocational counseling for pupils and students of the sixth grade primary school No. 172.

Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund

Human Capital Operational Program 2007-2013

Priority IX Development of education and competences in the regions

Measure 9.1. Equalizing educational opportunities and ensuring high quality educational services provided in the education system

Sub-measure 9.1.2. Equalizing educational opportunities of students from groups with difficult access to education and reducing differences in the quality of educational services.

"Read, count, get to know the world"

European Social Found 2014

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