By implementing educational and social projects, we are developing for you. We are fulfilling our statutory mission so that you can enjoy the achievements of the foundation. Develop with us. You are welcome.

Peace Puzzles

Erasmus + KA1 2019


Erasmus + KA2 2018-2020



Erasmus + KA2 2018-2020

Erasmus + KA1 2018

Be Wise, Think Twice

Erasmus + KA1 2018

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Intercutural Neighborhood
Erasmus + KA3 2016-2017

NEETs Professional Activation

European Social Found 2016-2018

together we are strong1JPG.JPG

Together We Are Strong

Empowerment of young women

Erasmus + KA1 2015

Youth Workers Mobility


Erasmus + KA1 2015

"Read, count, get to know the world"

European Social Found 2014

Family Rally In the Footsteps of the 1939 Fortification

Municipal Found 2014

Horizons de Vie

Polsko-Niemiecka Wymiana Młodzieży

Horizons de Vie


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