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You can't be Alone

Foundation since its inception runs a free citizen and legal counseling based on potential, knowledge and education of his volunteers, accepting the principle of help, independently from social status or economic need of society members. In relations with people, for whose support is conducted, members and volunteers of the Foundation guided by the principle of confidentiality and ethics rules, are taking action on the basis of their own experience, in order to help the needy in their hard life situations

 In two years we have been carried out more than 250 tips directly and on-line. Consultation relate mainly of debt, relations with banks and bailiffs, eviction, manage a household budget, social problems, social welfare payments, cases of juveniles and prisoners. These are very difficult situations, complicated further by non-compliance with existing standards, lake of corporate social responsibility and the rules of professional conduct by public officials as well as employees of banks and other public institutions.

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