Open your eyes to the needs of older neighbors...

One of the activities of the Foundation for Youth and intergenerational dialogue is implemented in secondary schools “Neighbourhood Voluntary Service” project. Youth involved in assisting the elderly people on their neighborhoods. As part of the project we carried out training of volunteers for work with clients, methods of supporting older people, opportunities and threats posed by volunteer work.
In the school year 2013/2014 young people realized a total of over 500 hours of volunteering for their wards, supporting the idea of building public trust over generational divisions. The project has become a constant activity of the Foundation due to the big interest of young people in volunteering activities.



Development project

The Foundation received a micro-grant under the GRANT FOR A BETTER START project, under which we implemented:

  • empowerment workshops for women and girls

  • mediation workshops for youth at school

  • legal and civic guidance

  • lecture for indebted people


Social trust is a must

Regular, free legal and civic advice for the residents of Łódź, at the headquarters of SIRP, ul. Piotrkowska 40. We will help you deal with difficult legal, administrative and life situations. At your disposal are:

  • Lawyer

  • Psychologist

  • Social and professional adviser

  • Financial advisor

Publica Fides offers free advice on legal matters and contacts with official institutions, financial problems, professional problems, career counseling, Internet service, social trust & inclusion, diversity & tolerance

You do not have to go through it alone

Free legal and civic advice in the library at the GOK in Lutomiersk, pl. Jana Pawła II 13. You are cordially welcome

Free legal and civic counseling provided by a legal adviser -
Izabela Łaba-Waszczykowska, for the residents of the Nowosolna commune

Workshop on Empowerment Techniques by Hania Orlińska, for trainers and all people working with women and girls.

The meeting aims to convey experiences from the workshops in which our volunteers participated in Germany. Participation was possible thanks to FIO Grant for a better start.

The meeting will be held in cooperation with the Regional Center for International Debate in Łódź at ul. Sienkiewicza 55, first floor
social trust is the must

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